Happy Girls are the Prettiest" as Audrey Hepburn wisely said – and it’s proven to be true!

In a new study of 1,700 women, we found that being happy was the most important factor in what makes women feel beautiful.

The research also revealed that being comfortable in our own skin, confident around others and having a great complexion rank more highly than shape, weight and height in terms of self-perception of beauty.

Meanwhile, it seems that not all compliments have the same impact, with compliments from strangers and men both making us feel more beautiful than positive comments from other women.

Instant Effects founder Richard Mears says: "These results show how important feeling good is for women once they come out of their carefree twenties."

"By this age they’ve learned who they are inside and what image they want to portray to the people around them."

"They’ve also learned that beauty really isn’t just skin deep, it can be anything from feeling and looking happy to displaying their inner kindness that makes them feel beautiful.


Being happy58
Being comfortable in themselves57
Good complexion41
Right weight41
Great sense of humour31
A compassionate nature30
Good diet21
Compliments from a stranger20
Being in a relationship20
Being good looking19
Being generous15
Compliments from men16
Compliments from women14
Having an ‘identity’14
A particular hair colour9
Professional competence8
A big circle of friends8
Being in full-time employment6