A little while ago, I was introduced to a new beauty brand that hadn’t yet launched. Ordinarily, that doesn’t phase me – all the more time for me to play pre-launch. But honestly? Keeping this one a secret until launch-date (NOW!!) was incredibly hard. Because friends kept asking me what I was using and I couldn’t tell them. It just felt wrong. BUT – silver linings – I can talk about it now. Yay. So here’s the low down.

Instant Effects is the brain child of Richard Mears. He’s a bit of a beauty boff himself, having been in the industry 25 years, and basically the three-part range was the result of his frustration with other well-known brand who weren’t delivering on product promises.

So Richard developed a range of products that really do what they promise, and fast.

Instant Effects contains some pretty advanced technology, which allows them to provide the effect you choose (eye, lip or lash) instantly as well as with a long-lasting result.

The lash treatment lengthens and thickens lashes; the eye treatment plumps the eye area thus minimizing fine lines; and the lip treatment (my favourite) plumps lips without any of that tingling effect you might have experienced with other lip products.

The thing I love about Instant Effects is that you can create the whole barely-there make-up look really easily as your face essentially becomes the best version of itself that it can be, and is a blank canvas for as much or as little make-up as you want.

Exactly how it does it is more a question for Richard – frankly I don’t understand most of the science that goes into developing new beauty products. So here he is, fresh from my interview, to explain…

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