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You can have the fabulous and fluttery lashes you deserve with Instant Lash & Brow Volumiser. In just 2 minutes your individual lashes will increase by up to 20%. With regular use you can expect lashes that are up to 40% thicker and 20% longer.

Instant Lash & Brow growth serum is also proven to regrow over-plucked and sparse brows with regular usage for 4 to 8 weeks

20% thicker lashes in 2 minutes
20% longer lashes in 2 weeks
Up to 40% thicker lashes in 2 weeks
Can be worn with your usual mascara within minutes


How To

To get longer, more voluminous lashes evenly coat clean lashes using the wand provided. Be sure to coat your lashes from root to tip.

You will notice a difference in volume within 2 minutes, but for longer lasting and more dramatic benefits apply each night before you go to bed.

You can use Instant Lash Volumiser as part of your daily routine, but allow 5 minutes to dry and remove any excess product before applying your mascara. 

If using Instant Lash Volumiser to thicken or regrow your brow apply each night before you go to bed for a minimum of 4 weeks. In addition to the brow, apply just above and below the brow.

2 mins

How It Works

It’s brilliantly simple really: patented technologies deliver oxygen into the lashes. This oxygen excites medulla (a substance found in the lashes) which causes the instant plumping effect.

Meanwhile a secondary action stimulates growth of the individual hair shaft to increase both thickness and length.


What To Expect

You can expect longer lashes very quickly, which means that you’ll need less coats of mascara - or even no mascara.

The clinical trials found that participants experienced:

  • Individual lashes plumped by an average of 20% in just 2 minutes
  • Upto 40% increase in thickness of individual lashes after 2 weeks of continued usage.
  • Upto 20% increase in length of individual lashes after 2 weeks of continued usages.
  • A thicker and fuller brow after 4 to 8 weeks*

*Your brow bulbs will need to be intact to regrow over-plucked eyebrows.

Customer Reviews (45)
Cosmetic product that actually works!
This product is amazing. My eyelashes were becoming sparse and fine and I was having to apply layers of mascara for them to look reasonable. Instant Effects does just what it says and my lashes have grown considerably longer and thicker in a very short time. I wouldn't be without it now. Review by Bella (Posted on 09/03/2017)
thickness and length is significantly improved
Instant Effects Instant Lash. I have been using every day for a week, my mascara looks a lot better when I put this on, thickness and length is significantly improved. (another week to go on the trial), I really like how it works as a team with my mascara on a daily basis. I also use it as a brow gel fix which is so good, keeps them in place without any product build up in the eyebrows Review by Allure la Vie (Posted on 11/10/2016)
effects are not only immediate,but seem to be lasting
Instant Lash coats what you already have got and seems to multiply in all directions – thicker and fuller. We have been using the Lash Volumiser for about 2 weeks and yes, we would agree that the effects are not only immediate,but seem to be lasting after we take off our makeup. Score! That means our flutter power is going from strength to strength hopefully. And who doesn’t like the thought of a more beautiful lash game sans makeup? Also as a side note, we are noticing that when using the product that our mascara is less smudgy and lasts longer. It’s also pretty fab on its own if you fancy a quick no makeup look for your lashes. Review by Fashion du Jour (Posted on 11/10/2016)
results from my first application
You are advised to use the product every day for best results. The product itself looks like your standard clear mascara, but of course the product inside does so much more. I love the luxe, shiny black packaging. You can use the product before applying mascara, i advise applying it and then waiting a few moments before going in with your actual mascara. It almost acts as a lash primer, and i have to say i noticed results from my first application. I’ve also found my mascara itself is less smudgy when i apply this and lasts longer. My lashes definitely looked fuller and longer even with just one coat of my regular mascara. Alternatively for a really intense lash treatment you can apply the product at night and sleep with it on, this is the method i have been using i’ve wanted to achieve the best results possible. Review by Just Jodes (Posted on 11/10/2016)
The Instant Effect Instant Lash* is incredible
The Instant Effect Instant Lash* is incredible. It adds volume and length to your lashes, all in only 2 minutes. I use this almost as a primer, and let it dry before my mascara. It actually, over time, creates more long and thick lashes, without being harsh or annoying your eyes. This will help your eyes look much more open and awake because your lashes are going to be much more long and thick with mascara on. Review by Chloexo (Posted on 11/10/2016)
I apply it and physically watch it lift my eyelashes
Who doesn't want eyelashes that are long enough to flutter and bat and curl? I was recently asked to review a product that is supposed to make your eyelashes achieve a fuller-looking lash in two minutes... On the side of the box, and I quote, it claims to "improve the thickness of individual hairs by up to 20% in two minutes." My initial reaction - "ha, yeah sure". When I started using the Instant Lash Volumiser, I loved it. I would apply it and physically watch it lift my eyelashes instantly. I can definitely see a difference. I mainly notice it when I apply actual mascara, as you can see each lash better. All my shorter lashes have definitely grown, especially around the corners of my eye. I do feel like I have much fuller lash line which is exactly what I wanted. Review by Cocoa Chelsea (Posted on 11/10/2016)
after a few days I noticed my lashes looking fuller
Instant effects instant lash. I started using it before my mascara in the morning, but soon changed it to a night time treatment after reading up on the '2 week challenge' (and that's when I started to see a difference). It claims again to increase volume by upto 20% in 2 minutes, and although I didn't see this in that exact timeframe, after a few days I noticed my lashes looking fuller, and they actually lined up in order, (If you know, then you know). My lashes are generally quite long and thick, but I'm one of those girls that loves a false lash, so I'm always looking for a way of lengthening, volumising and thickening my lashes out. As always these types of products do seem too good to be true, and although the difference is only subtle for me, this could be a great little wonder product for those with shorter, more stubborn lashes. And FYI, it doubles up as a great brow tamer. Review by BEAUTY BY KARIS (Posted on 04/10/2016)
a perfect contribution girls !
The product is quite simply a mascara - a tube with a brush applicator attached to the lid. The formula is wet and gel-like; I applied this evenly to both upper lashes on each eye. As the formula was quite sticky, my lashes clumped but this can easily be adjusted with a lash brush. After waiting a couple of minutes, the product slightly set and enabled me to apply a coat of my favourite mascara . The finished look, I would say, is perfect for every day wear. Personally, I love length and volume but this product specifically worked in an extensive way. My lashes increased by about 20% more than just with my normal mascara but the thickness stayed the same. Therefore, the Instant Effects Lash Volumizer lengthens more than volumizes, making a perfect contribution girls rocking those 'no-makeup' makeup day to give the illusion of naturally long lashes. Review by Scarlet Slippers (Posted on 04/10/2016)
Within two minutes my lashes look thicker
The Instant Lash* is a treatment designed to make your lashes look longer and thicker. It works best when applied to clean lashes overnight but can go under mascara for daytime use as well. The formula is clear so you don’t need to worry about staining your bed sheets. If you opt to wear it under your makeup, you can use the treatment as a lash primer, just be sure to wait a few minutes after you apply it before applying your mascara. Within two minutes my lashes look thicker. With regular use, lashes can look up to 40% thicker and 20% longer in just two weeks. I have definitely noticed a difference in my lashes. While I think they’re quite long to being with, they aren’t as thick as I would like and this treatment has really helped with that. Review by Lipstick and Confetti (Posted on 04/10/2016)
lengthens and thickens lashes
Instant Effects contains some pretty advanced technology, which allows them to provide the effect you choose instantly as well as with a long-lasting result.
The lash treatment lengthens and thickens lashes.
Review by Olivia Cox (Posted on 04/10/2016)
the more I use it the more differences I see
The more I use it the more difference I see - I love how my mascara feels on top and it doesn't make it clump up. I'm excited to carry on using it to see if the full benefits come through, as its to help increase lash length as well. Review by Balance of Beautee (Posted on 04/10/2016)
visible results
This mascara claims to make lashes appear thicker in two minutes and will increase length by 20% and thickness by 40% in six weeks. Although I haven’t been using it for that long, only two weeks, I can say that my lashes look like they have almost doubled in length and are a lot more thicker! I never knew I had so many eyelashes! I love this product as you can apply it before mascara Review by Thoughtful Tash (Posted on 04/10/2016)
more full and volumised
I was more than willing to use this in my make-up routine everyday for 2 weeks to see the results myself. I think with beauty products it's easy to want to see results instantly when sometimes it can take months to see any differences. With a claim of seeing results in 2 weeks it was good enough for me.
My lashes began to appear more full and volumised. It seems to be that eyelash extensions are a bit of a ‘beauty trend’ around at the moment and costing between £10-£20 to last for 3-7 days, this treatment could end up expensive if you do this regularly. With Instant Effects you can achieve those fuller lashes, by just using the product before your mascara and achieve the look that eyelash extensions give you.
Review by Fashion Train (Posted on 04/10/2016)
more separated and less clumpy
I have pathetic short straight lashes, so anything that helps me is good. It’s a mascara style application, a clear gel that goes on your lashes prior to mascara being applied. The first time I tried, I didn’t let it dry properly before applying mascara, so I’d say wait the full 2 minutes before applying your mascara. They look more separated and less clumpy, maybe a little longer, so I’ll definitely keep using this when I’m wearing make up. Review by Midwife And Life (Posted on 04/10/2016)
thickens and lengthens
The lash volumiser really thickens and lengthens the lashes of my eye giving the eyes a wider, more awake look. My lashes certainly feel softer and look longer since using the product daily Review by Lovesandloathesuk (Posted on 04/10/2016)
Invest in a tube of Instant Effects
Instant Lash - as the name suggest this does of course offer immediate results but with continued use this can all but permanently improve the look and condition of your eyelashes. With only two weeks needed to really reap the benefits, I was more than eager to embark on a two week challenge with Instant Effects: Instant Lash Review by The Sunday Girl (Posted on 13/09/2016)
Bigger bolder, amplified is the new signed, sealed, delivered.
The innovative formula and unique wand brush captures every hair from the root to lift the definition and add to the fullness and can easily be finished with mascara either immediately or the day after the night before you applied depending on how you choose to use it, My lashes were perfectly in place, resembling that of falsies and it made my eyes stand out further. I was that impressed with the boost it gave my natural lashes, so much so that I'm even considering transferring the clear like gel as a setting, multipurpose stimulation for my brows Review by The Same Old Chic (Posted on 13/09/2016)
thank goodness for Instant Lash
My eyelashes are starting to grow back. Hallelujah and thank goodness for Instant Lash. Review by KATIE MATTHEWS (Posted on 05/07/2016)
Lashes volumised
Lashes volumised. Works in 2 minutes, grabbing them and pushing them up which I was thrilled about. Review by BEAUTY ROCK (Posted on 21/06/2016)
Enhancing the natural
lash boosters are goooodddd!! Enhancing the natural rather than faking. Review by HELLO I’M KIRSTY (Posted on 21/06/2016)

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