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A perfect plump pout can be yours in just 2 minutes with Instant Lip Plumper. The revolutionary plumping lip gloss gives you 20% more voluminous lips with no stinging or discomfort. You’ll also experience increased hydration, reduced lines, which give a smoother appearance, and an increase in colour to your lips.

Fuller, smoother lips
20% plumper lips in 2 mins
No stinging or aggravation
Effects from single application last up to 4 days


How To

It’s really easy to plump up your pout. Just apply Instant Lip Plumper directly to the lips using the brush provided. You will start to notice results within two minutes and in one hour you will get the fuller effect.

You can follow with lipstick or lip gloss, but should wait for 5 minutes and wipe away any excess Instant Effects product before applying the colour.

The first time you use your Instant Lip Plumper, you may find that you need to click the button several times to release the liquid.

2 mins

How It Works

The magic all happens by very clever patented oxygen transfer technology where Hyaluronic Spheres applied to the lips create a plumping, volumising and super moisturising effect.


What to Expect

Clinical trials show an average of more than 20% lip plumping in two minutes (this is not the same as lip height growth). Please select your lip type to see what you can expect.

Very thin lips

The cupid’s bow will become more defined, lines will be smoothed and there will be an increase in colour. With continued usage over a two week period your lips can increase in height by up to 29%.

Average lips

Lips will become plumper and grow significantly in height. Both your cupid’s bow and your lip-line will become more defined.

Luscious lips

Expect a more defined lip line. Your lines will be smoothed away and you’ll experience an increase in colour.

Unsymmetrical lips or uneven lips

On lips that are unsymmetrical or fall away at the quickly at the sides, the sides will increase. Dips along the lip line will also be filled out.

Smokers’ lips

If you suffer from fine lines around your lip, apply Instant Lip Plumper to these areas at night, before you go to bed, and the lines will diminish. 

Customer Reviews (75)
Great customer service
Just a thank you to Katie for great customer service thank you Katie Review by Rebecca (Posted on 06/03/2016)
As a model I am sure I will get more bookings with my new luscious pout
As a model I am very conscious of how I look and after using this I definitely feel and look so much better! I am sure I will now get more bookings with my new luscious pout Review by Jenna (Posted on 06/03/2016)
This is a great product and really wiorks
Bought from My Show Case after being recommended by one their stylists whom said that after the owner had demonstrated on her she is now a full convert and uses every day. I am now also converted this is a great product and really works! Review by Susie (Posted on 06/03/2016)
Wow is all I have to say WOW Review by Asrin (Posted on 06/03/2016)
Approached with absolute cynicism however have had to eat my words
Approached this with absolute cynicism however I have to admit it works a treat Review by FabAnny (Posted on 06/03/2016)
Turned a thin lipped mumsy into a pouting kitten
Besides being late delivered apparently due to the massive influx of orders from Daily Mail, it then arrived and it didn't work. At this stage I was very annoyed. To be fair Katie at customer services was very good arranged a replacement delivered next day and this time it worked. She also suggested I take a before and after. I was still rather cross and wanted to send back and demand a refund, however I was also curious so tried it just on one half of my lips so that I could truly compare thinking a full lip before and after with a gloss like substance would not truly reflect what happened and would be a trick of the light or whatever. I have to say the difference came as somewhat of a shock! This is the most amazing product I have ever used and, being a beauty junky, that is a hell of s lot.

So from a shaky start I have to say a thank you to Katie (she really is s star and you should make sure you look after her) and thank you for turning thin lipped mumsy into pouting kitten
Review by Redhead (Posted on 06/03/2016)
omg it really works
omg it really works! Thank you Review by Daisy (Posted on 06/03/2016)
It works
Unbelievably it works!! First one ever Review by Madddy (Posted on 06/03/2016)
A genuinely fantastic product
My sincerest gratitude to you and your team, for having created such brilliant products. They genuinely improve my facial 'symmetry' and enhance my self-confidence .... a precious quality of mind !!

Review by M (Posted on 03/03/2016)
I've always been sceptical about lip plumpers but after trying this I will use this forever, took the before and after picture and couldn't believe it! I even brought it into work to show a colleague and she was amazed at the difference within a few minutes! Definately keeping this little gem! Thanks. Review by Enza (Posted on 20/01/2016)
After just 3 days of use my lips are plumper and more defined and feel so moisturized would recommend to everyone Review by Rhian (Posted on 19/01/2016)
Fully recommend
Amazing, bought on british airways from the high life shop. Felt no tingling like normal lip plumpers so I assumed it wasn't working. Went to the toilet and was pleasantly surprised. My lips looked amazing, it does last and it looks completely natural!! Review by Louise (Posted on 18/01/2016)
Fabuliscious product totally amazing
Bought on British Airways on weekend not expecting much. Have used products like this before however they have all hurt my lips quite badly. I am a someone that does not do pain! I have very thin lips and so the chance of this working and the no stinging or aggravation bit got my attention so bought on impulse. I used it as soon as I got home and used my phone to take a picture both before and after 2 minutes. I finally have a pout am soooo excited... Can't wait for my boyfriend to come home so desperate to show someone. Fabuliscious product totally amazing Review by Debbie (Posted on 11/01/2016)
Not quite Angelina lips however OMG!!
Bought on British Airways on flight to Amsterdam, after being recommended by cabin crew. She said she had tried it and it really worked, with none of the usual stinging. She told me to take a photo on my phone before and after 2 minutes to really appreciate the effects. I couldn't wait to try so went to find a mirror whilst I waited for my bags and did it. Whilst not quite Angelina Lips however OMG!! I had to keep flicking between the two photo's as couldn't believe the difference. I have never tried anything before that had such an effect and so quickly. No idea how you did it but OMG is truly wonderful. Plumper more defined even the lines around my lips seem to have disappeared OMG!! Review by Maria (Posted on 11/01/2016)
My favourite lip product
I have to use lip balm all the time, because I struggle to keep my lips hydrated. This product is amazing. You won't need anything else. My lips now feel hydrated, full, and comfortable all the time. Review by evj (Posted on 07/01/2016)

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