The Founder Richard Mears has been in the beauty industry for over 25 years working alongside house hold brands helping to create some of the best-selling hair and beauty products on the market.

In 2009, he became disheartened at continuously being asked to develop products that did not deliver real results, which as research shows, consumers crave. As such, the skincare market is saturated with beautifully packaged products that “appear” to make promises that they simply do not deliver.

Industry sources confirm that:

‘A quarter of all users in Europe have given up believing any claims made by products’. *
‘Around 67% of people are dissatisfied with the lack of actual product delivery of perceived product copy’.*

He commenced extensively researching consumers’ needs and frustrations. Once established he set about researching new, patented and unique actives, raw materials that could hold the key to delivering true efficacy. This has led to several break through’ in technology and formulations. The Instant Effects range is very much one of these. True Delivery, Real Results, In Minutes.

Over 3 years in development and working closely with selective active manufacturers Instant Effects was created.

Issues With Currently Available Products

The issues with products purporting to target the areas covered by Instant Effects were / are;

Most lip plumping products which have some form of effect rely on a stinging / aggravating effect of the skin, causing the skin to react and swell. The amount of swelling is in direct proportion to the level of stinging / aggravation endured by the wearer. Besides the stinging being unpleasant to say the least, it is also not good for the underlying health of the lip and can, in some cases, cause an increase in depth and width of lines within the lip (premature aging). There are of course more invasive ways of plumping including various forms of injection. However these again have well known issues.

Most, non-mascara, lash swelling products at their core use moisture to swell the lash follicle. This technique causes a swelling in the outer cortex of the lash causing uneven swelling. Besides the limited effect in terms of thickening and longevity they also cause the lash to swell unevenly. This uneven swelling causes the cuticles to open therefore weakening the lash (breakage), the opening of the cuticle also allows greater water loss and ultimately besides causing thinner lashes also causes the lash to become drier and coarser again making the lash more proned to breakage and a lack of shine and luminosity. There are some other technologies that cause the lash to swell however these also have issues similar to above and including, in some cases, discolouration to the eye itself. With regards to lash growth products these normally rely on the normal growth pattern of the lash itself (which is not always in growth mode) and so can take several months to take effect.

Most products which deliver some effect are usually more like a skin tightening. They simply form a film over the skin and so have no cumulative build-up of beneficial effect.  Continuously tightening the skin leads to an overall reduction in the latent elasticity properties of the skin i.e. less firm and more wrinkled.

The Objective
To develop products that truly delivered great results in minutes, utilising the skin / lash own normal metabolism and would therefore not encounter any of the issues above. To re-define the market, to challenge what is currently available and truly push the boundaries of how dynamic, high performance skincare should be. This would require not only a complete re-think of how products work but also the use of new unique patented technologies and delivery systems.

The Project
Through research over 3 years several unique patented technologies were isolated which were initially developed for use within anti-aging for skin. The technology is incredibly advanced and therefore prohibitively expensive to use within skin care products at an appropriate level. Having reviewed the technologies and their effects on the skin Richard considered that they could be developed further to have very good effects within other areas of application. Working closely with the owners of these technologies, through very many research projects and hundreds of formulations eventually the break through moment was reached with the benefits, delivery systems and results honed and fine-tuned to the specific applications.
User trials were conducted and proved hugely successful both in terms of delivery and consumer response. Ultimately leading to the products undergoing Fully Independent Clinical Trial. These trials not only showed that 100% of panellists were measured as significant improvement on all measurement and criteria, however also yielded a second even more exciting result. This more exciting result was that all result claims being tested were not just proven but improved by some way.


Instant Lip
Using the combination of unique, break through, patented technologies the actives within Instant Lip firstly deliver oxygen into the skin. Oxygen is to blood what nectar is to bees. As such this strongly encourages blood flow creating an Instant Plumping effect and the lips to increase in volume (in excess of 25% in just 2 minutes).
At the same time Hyaluronic spheres and Glycosaminoglycan’s are lodged in the skin. These have the capacity to swell in the presence of water via TEWL (Trans epidermal water loss i.e. the skins own natural mechanism of releasing moisture to the environment), swelling by up to ten times their original volume. As these spheres collect and hold moisture normally lost to the environment it not only keeps the lip moisturised it also slowly releases the moisture back into the skin mixed with Hyaluronic Acid. This dual action not only protects and nourishes the lip but also puts an end to dry cracked lips. In combination these effects plump, reduces lines and wrinkles and helps maintain healthy moisturised skin structure.
Besides delivering fuller more symmetrical lips it also helps define the lip line. When used above and below the lip any fine lines are reduced giving a much stronger line, cupids bow and this preventing lip stick bleed.
On thin lips the lips physically grow in size, on fuller lips there is significant reduction in lines and wrinkles
Instant Lip is a Clinically Proven lip plumper which increases the volume of your lips giving a smoother, fuller appearance without stinging or aggravation. Significant results (in excess of 25%) within 2 minutes (full effects within 1 hour) and lasts for up to 4 days. Dry / cracked lips are instantly moisturised, nourished and prevented with regular use   

Instant Lash
Using a combination of unique, break through,  patented technologies the actives within Instant Lash firstly deliver oxygen into the lash. Whilst the lash is theoretically inert it does in fact have something called a Medulla at its core. This medulla does not carry blood but does carry nutrients. The oxygen excites the medulla which then starts to carry increased levels of nutrient. The increased levels of nutrient therefore cause the instant plumping effect. As the plumping is as a result of the very core of the lash the lash plumps evenly without any abnormally swelling i.e. the cuticles remain closed maintaining the lash integrity, strength, health and shine. This effect causes an increase in thickness of the lash by an average of over 20% in just 2 minutes and this is before the application of mascara!
There is then a secondary action via the use of a raw material based on Pentapeptide-17 combined with a micro circulation activator. This secondary action stimulates growth of the individual hair shaft increasing both the thickness and length. Thickness by up to 53% and length by up to 28% in just 2 weeks!

Eye Lift
Using a combination of unique patented technologies the actives within Instant Eye Lift work with your skins own metabolism immediately causing an increase in the elasticity of the skin by an average of 55% in 15 minutes and 82% in just 1 hour. Regular usage increases the elasticity by an average 143% over 6 weeks.
The micro circulation activators also increase blood flow leading to the reduction of puffiness and dark circles. Wrinkles and lines are reduced by up to 21% in 15 minutes and up to 47% in six weeks.
Make up can be applied within minutes.

Instant Effects has been Independently Clinically Proven to deliver real results in minutes, utilising the skin / lash own normal metabolism and avoids the issues of all other products within the category.
Instant Effects has re-defined the market, and does challenge what is currently available and has truly pushed the boundaries of how dynamic, high performance skincare should be.